Autor: Renato Angelo

Intérprete: Banda Mighty Athena



Iīm sorry

For all the times I went wrong

Iīm crazy

For being waiting for you so long

But now I realize

I really last you

About this love I canīt disguise

Thereīs nothing more I can do

I close my eyes

Suffering and missing

Blue eyes that fade in the night

And soft skin, messing with my dreams

Everybody says love happens only once

Poor me, Iīve had my chance

Without you my night has no stars

And the moon stands lonely watching

My love scars

Thereīs no more joy

The only thing I feel is pain

Youīre the sunshine that went away

Leaving me in the eternal  rain

You tell me itīs over

And your eyes donīt fit mine aymore

We donīt talk to each other like lovers

All this makes me go sad to the core

Yor skin is not so close

I canīt feel yuor perfume

You didnīt accept even a rose

Wat would you say about my excuses?

I wanīt try again

I know when itīs over for me

Iīm the laser in this game

I hope you find the winer