Autor: Val Taranto

Intérprete: Status Banda

You just have to believe


Deep inside my heart

I found a new desguise

Make believe it?s not over

That you?re still here tonight


You and me in love we knew

Now you tear us apart

Deny our love is something you can do

But we both know we had our moments

To that you must be true


So I?ve never touched your

You never let me know

The true so hard and cold

It was not too long ago

That you were here with me

Pretending to be free

Now you?re bound to leave

Baby I just can?t believe


Strong I wil live on

Put on and off by you

Time will erase it I?ll recover

Then life willl start a new


New eyes to my eyes will shine on the road

And I will need no desguise

To show my heart and see what love reveals

To free the feelengs I?ve been hiding

And find out how it feels


Life can hurt you like a knife

Caress you deep inside

Or drift you down the line

It all depends on how you mind

The kind of love you give

The way you choose to live

The world is yours to please

Baby you just have to believe